July 20, 2011

It didn’t register in my brain at first. I looked at the paper again. I’ve received a few notes before. Deaf customers and elderly; some business customers, have handed over notes describing what transaction they want and/or how they want cash back, etc.

I looked back up at him, part of my mind thinking, do you have an account with us? Deposit slip or withdrawal? Any number of transactions might be needed. His eyes. Dark brown, dead, but not evil. Sorrowful? (My husband later suggested remorseful)?

His words still hung in the air. “Hurry up. Don’t play. Hurry.” I froze. For 1/2 a second?

I glanced over at the merchant teller. Did she see what was happening? I think so. I see the face of a young woman standing in line behind the robber. She knows. I reached into my top drawer. God, I know you were with me – I grabbed some of my 100’s, some of my 50’s and all of my 20’s (some part of me was thinking ‘no way are you getting ALL of my money!’) I handed him the wad of cash, and as he turned away I pulled the alarm trigger under the drawer. He dropped the note as he rushed out. The girl behind him picked it up and gave it to me. I called 911. They asked me so many questions – everyone around me was talking.

After he had walked out someone locked the doors. Customers inside had to stay. One of the tellers had a customer outside in the closest drive-up lane who saw him leave on foot. She followed him in her car, but lost him just around the corner of the building.

Cops came. I was put in a room alone. Soon, a woman cop took me to the conference room. I gave her my statement of what happened. A description. The FBI came next. Two hours later, I was released to go home.

(To be continued…)